• November 30, 2022
  • nazir
  • 2 min read

The impact video has on all of us makes it an immense tool for everyone to express themselves. Videography is more captivating, memorable, and persuasive than other digital mediums, making it the perfect creative outlet. If done right, video has great potential to be extremely powerful medium to be more impactful than other digital mediums. Videography creates following:

Captivating Effect:
video has become a tool for entertainment, broadcasting, education, memorabilia, networking, and promotion. When a video is properly crafted, its ability to grab and hold attention is impeccable–viewers might find it impossible to stop watching.

Memorable Effect
Most videos today engage the audience’s sense of hearing and seeing. Engaging two or more of the five senses at the same time is proven to increase memorability because different senses activate different parts of the brain. Enjoyment of a memorable video can encourage purchasing and increase recognition.

Persuasive Effect
Videos are typically made for entertainment or knowledge, both of which will engage viewer emotions and logic. When a credible video is relatable, funny, or informative, the audience is more likely to be persuaded because people are proven to be motivated by their emotions (pathos) and logic (logos) as well as trusting a credible source (ethos).

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